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This could give GunBot a competitive edge over other services in the long-term. This is a platform that enables you to make automated trading in crypto and save time. There are no coding skills required to use this platform, and you can create and control trading robots to trade with your strategies. Some traders notice that by the time they have done all the necessary things needed to use a bot, they no longer need the services. However, if you want to automate your trades and become more efficient, here are some bots you can use with their supported exchanges.

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3Commas makes it easy to make money with bots that never sleep. Whether you use one of their many proven templates or create a fully custom bot, 3Commas gives traders the power to profit from any market condition. The Gunbot back testing add-on takes place on and lets you back test almost all of the strategy parameters available in Gunbot. It can also be used to send alerts based on Gunbot strategies, to be executed by Gunbot with the TradingView add-on.

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Using lower values might cause the gunbot settings size to swing too fast. Here are a few extra settings you can implement with the step grid strategy. The “Step-Up” and “Step-Down” are placed close to the last order rate. But if the pair has never traded before, the reference price for the steps is the pair’s price when you started running the strategy. Price action trading is about understanding the imbalance between buying and selling pressure so you can identify trading opportunities and make a profit.

  • Additionally, it has a strange pricing structure that drives away many users.
  • With this preset, you’ll only need to worry about a handful of settings that are most relevant to your daily use.
  • Nefertiti™ doesn’t use any difficult-to-understand indicators, so no complex configuration is needed.
  • All of Gunbot’s spot and futures trading strategies are available to traders.

Mizar is the only trading bot that is 100% subscription-free and comes with unlimited use of all features to scale your trading and diversify your portfolio. Mizar is backed by notable investors such as Nexo, KuCoin, Huobi, and WooX. One can start by connecting their exchange’s API keys and selecting the preferred trading strategy. Trading in the crypto market requires that you leave emotions at the door. If you cannot and notice that you buy and sell on impulse, then maybe you should consider using a trading bot.

More than 4000 active Bitcoin traders already utilize the Gunbot website. Stepgridhybrid has more customization and options than regular stepgrid. Another important feature is the pair selection built into the trend monitor. Gunbot constantly evaluates active trading pairs and replaces the worst performers with better ones it automatically detects on the market. Selecting a trading pair is often one of the most tedious tasks for a trader; Gunbot is able to do this for you. GunBot, a cryptocurrency trading bot that can trade BTC and any other pairs, is simple.

One of the most powerful Gunbot strategies: TSSL

That is, it is not a gunbot settings-service so personal information is not transmitted over the Internet. The platform allows traders to connect with exchanges using API keys with secrets. Gunbot’s settings for tried-and-true innovative strategies make it simple for private traders to get started. Connect and play Some tactics, such as stepGrid, are already optimized and profitable. Power users have no restriction and can employ unlimited bot instances, custom strategies, and automated config updates. Gunbot integrates with the biggest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, and its automatic trading systems support a wide range of digital assets.

Is Gunbot Easy to Use?

Yes, the app is easy to use. With a hassle-free registration and explanation of all features available on the app, users can easily use this robot for trading.

You have the option of using Gunbot’s built-in graphical user interface or executing it through the command line. C.A.T. communicate only with the Site you’re trading on and allowed only to trade. The platform contains more data than any other crypto trading platform on the web, so you can truly beat the competition. Strategies are created through simple typing, tested on historical data and with a single click deployed on the exchange of your choice. It takes countless hours, tireless learning through trial and error, focus and perseverance. ⚠️ The provided config contains a Autoconfig using a Stepgrid trading algorithm with the base of BTC, trading 8 pairs.

This saves users time from needing to learn complicates programming languages to code their trading strategies. There are many add-ons and extra features that users can benefit from using Gunbot, and backtesting is one of them. Backtesting involves testing the potential market performance of a coin based on its historical data.

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This is the entry level package, with a limited number of strategy options available to choose from. AutoConfig is a suite of tools that you can use to dynamically and automatically manage almost every aspect of your Gunbot configuration with your own predefined rules. You can even monitor conditions on one pair and change settings on another. Gunbot can automatically accumulate quote currency when prices move down, without investing more than the initial buy order. This feature is called reversal trading and can help bring down the break-even point for your investment.

Xtrend and Smacross indicate the strength of an expected price move. This enables Gunbot to place a buy order when the buy price crosses under the forecasted price and a sell order when the bid price crosses over the forecasted price. All you need to do to start the Telegram bot is enable Telegram notifications in your Gunbot settings. To enable trade DOGE notifications, enable these in the settings menu inside the Telegram bot. Now that you’ve got editor template installed, it’s time to configure it to fit your needs. That’s it for now, but don’t forget to check this article from time to time, as some of the Gunbot StepGrid strategy parameters may change over time.


Gunbot is the perfect tool to help you accelerate your crypto trading. This bot is not a cloud-based service, unlike many other bots. Use pre-existing trading strategies provided by the trading platform, or create your own. People that use Gunbot often test and share their cryptocurrency trading ideas with other members of a terrific trading community. Once you’ve decided on your plan and exchange, the procedure is rather straightforward.

The Average True Range is an indicator that measures volatility. This strategy uses ATR to calculate trailing stops to provide buy and sell signals when volatility increases or decreases and crosses the trailing stop. This strategy is placed on the MACD indicator, which indicates when momentum is likely changing. Gunbot buys when the MACD indicator crosses over the signal line and sells when it crosses under it. Enable Telegram notifications for Gunbot, and enter the token and ID you’ve just gathered. Use the ID for both the user and admin ID fields, this makes sure that only you can interact with the Telegram bot.

Updating Gunbot

To scale your trading with Tradesanta, you can create as many bots as you want. Pionex is a crypto exchange with built-in trading bots, and you have access to 12 unique training bots at no extra fee. These trading bots allow you to automate your trading strategy, so you don’t need to monitor the market constantly.


You could also choose to backtest your own custom settings by following our backtesting tutorial. The stepGrid strategy is great, but beware for very low volume markets as trading behavior might get erratic. In such a case using the enforce step size option in the strategy itself can help. So, what can you expect from this preset for the stepgridscalp strategy? First and foremost, it’s a bot that’s designed to take small profits frequently. Keep in mind that “small” is relative and will depend on current market volatility.

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Gunbot Trailing StopGunbot shows visual targets using the TradingView charting library. This means that the targets of a trading strategy are clearly visualized. Users can therefore easily tune their strategies without even having to leave the chart.

What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a crypto auto trading bot that allows users to perform trading of a large selection of coin pairs across different exchanges. GunBot allows you to create trading strategies or use premade ones found on the platform.

Be aware that manual trading on the same account with the same base currency can lead your strategy to behave unusually. On the USDT-BTC pair, a trading limit of 100 means that you want to invest $100 every time it creates a new buy order. Always make sure you’re trading limit value is higher than the Minimum Volume to Sell.

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That way, it can help you catch short periods of downtime that will have resulted in missed profits. Gunbot is a community developed crypto tool for trading automation, with an active and private Telegram community. It implements innovative trading automation so that anyone can easily create their own powerful crypto bots. This way, traders can automate their trading strategies with speed, extreme flexibility and the help of an ever-expanding user community. The Gunbot website and built-in tools can function on multiple computer platforms and operating systems. The app can run on ARM, Windows, mac OS, or Linux-based devices.

  • I have provided a base-configuration under /config/ which I suggest you read and adjust.
  • With custom editor templates you can build the perfect editor for your style of configuring Gunbot.
  • The first step is to download Gunbot, unzip the file and launch it.
  • Since traders cannot react quickly enough to take advantage of the changes in price that will help them achieve optimal trade, they need help.

Gunbot can trade any pair that is available on your exchange. You could simultaneously trade BTC-ETH, USDT-BTC or ETH-XMR. There isn’t any limit on the number of pairs that you can trade.

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The markets overview helps you select interesting pairs to trade. Pairs are categorized by the ‘base’ coin they are traded with, for example USDT, EUR or BTC. When trading is started, all enabled pairs in the list of active pairs will get processed. Let’s check out some of the best platforms to buy Bitcoin in Germany for efficient crypto trading. Well, investing in crypto is not just the only option that you have.

This allows you to keep track of trades, modify settings and get notifications. Gunbot CommunityGunbot has progressed so much over the years that nowadays, it is almost entirely dependant on its vast community of dedicated users. There are constantly new strategies and trading features being added to Gunbot, most of which are based on input from users and thoroughly tested before public release.

Keeping Gunbot running means you will be able to trade continuously, taking advantage of the perpetual swinging of the USDT/BTC pair. As a price action trader, price is king, and everything else is secondary. Only set this to a low value when your bot actually has problems not trading after a longer period of use.

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